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Toy storage and organisation can be a real challenge for parents, especially as the number of toys grows with each passing year.

Whether it’s navigating through a sea of Lego or trying to corral stuffed animals, that seem to multiply overnight, finding practical storage solutions is key.

We’ve gathered some of the best toy storage ideas and organisation tips that many parents have found incredibly helpful. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and say goodbye to the days of tripping over toys and hello to a more organised and enjoyable play space for the whole family!

Hack #1: Organising Toys With The ‘Keep, Donate, Sell’ Method”

Our first hack is all about simplifying the process with the “Keep, Donate, Sell” strategy.

First, gather your supplies: three boxes or bins labelled with “keep,” “donate,” and “sell” – along with some trash bags for toys that are beyond saving.

Next, gather all the toys from around the house and bring them to a central sorting area. Involve your kids in the decision-making process, letting them choose their favourites to keep and items they no longer play with to donate or sell.

For toys still in good condition but no longer in use, toss them into the “donate” box. These toys can bring joy to other kids and families in need.

As for the outgrown or unused toys that are still in great shape, drop them into the “sell” box. You can easily sell them online for some extra cash.

Finally, dispose of any broken or unusable toys.

With the de-cluttering done, it’s time for the fun part: organising and storing the toys you’ve decided to keep in a way that’s both functional and enjoyable for your kids!

Hack #2: Efficient Toy Storage With Categorising Toys

Kids love their toys, but when they’re all jumbled together in one big bin, it’s chaos waiting to happen. You know the scene: your child dumps out the bin to find a specific toy, and suddenly, your living room floor is a minefield of tiny toys.

To tackle this issue, start by sorting the toys into broad categories. Whether it’s cars, dolls, or art supplies, keeping similar items together makes it easier for kids to find what they’re looking for. Plus, it saves you from the frustration of cleaning up a toy explosion every time they search for something.

When implementing toy storage strategies, organising toys by category not only reduces clutter but also helps kids focus. When toys are neatly grouped, children can easily pick out one activity to engage in without feeling overwhelmed by the mess. It’s a simple strategy that brings order to the chaos of toy storage.

Hack #3: Set Up Zones For Toy Storage, Easy Cleanup And Fun Playtime

Organising toys into designated zones not only keeps clutter at bay but also helps children develop a sense of routine and responsibility. By asking yourself questions like where your child plays throughout the day, you can identify ideal toy storage areas. For instance, if your child tends to play in the living room after school, consider allocating storage bins or shelves in that area for easy access.

Creating a designated space for toys also helps establish boundaries and teaches children about tidying up after themselves. By consistently storing toys in the same location, kids learn where to find their favourite playthings and where to return them when they’re done. Over time, this routine becomes second nature, making cleanup less of a chore for both kids and parents alike.

Whether you designate a specific room or carve out a corner in a shared space, the key is consistency. Encourage your children to participate in the organisation process and take pride in maintaining their play area. With a dedicated place for toy storage, you’ll not only keep your home tidy but also nurture valuable life skills in your little ones.

Hack #4: Montessori-Inspired Toy Rotation Method

The goal of toy rotation is to offer children fewer options, leading to longer and more focused play sessions. By limiting the number of toys available at any given time, children are encouraged to explore each toy more thoroughly and engage in imaginative play.

The Montessori method of toy storage and presentation emphasises simplicity and organisation. In this approach, toys and activities are displayed openly on shelves, with each activity occupying its own space. The toys chosen for the children are deliberately simple, open-ended, and limited in number. Surprisingly, despite the seemingly small selection, children remain highly engaged with these toys.

Research suggests that children can become overwhelmed and less likely to play when presented with a large number of toys stored in bins and boxes. The Montessori method challenges this notion by promoting open toy storage and presentation. By avoiding clutter and providing clear visibility of each toy, this method creates a more peaceful and inviting play environment.

Here Are Some Tips For Rotating Toys:

  • Keep the selection in the playroom limited to 8-10 activities at a time.
  • Mix toys from different categories or age ranges to encourage diverse play experiences.
  • Rotate toys every 5-10 days to maintain freshness and excitement.
  • Gradually introduce new toys while phasing out others to prevent overwhelm.
  • Use the toy rotation as a chance to clean both the toys and the play area.

When it comes to rotating toys, keep in mind that there are no strict rules to follow. Instead, focus on what works best for you and your child. Adapt the rotation schedule and process to fit your lifestyle and your child’s preferences. The goal is to create an engaging and enjoyable play environment that encourages exploration, creativity, and learning. So, trust your instincts and experiment with different approaches until you find the perfect balance for your family.

Hack #5 Everything Must Have A Home

Ensuring every toy has a designated home is key to maintaining order and sanity in a bustling household. But before diving into toy storage solutions, it’s essential to establish what you and your family truly need.

Considerations such as space-saving features, durability, accessibility, and budget-friendliness should top your list. For instance, you’ll want storage options that not only utilise vertical space efficiently but also withstand the daily rough-and-tumble of kid-driven chaos.

Clear Bins

Clear bins are a game-changer when it comes to organising small toys like Legos, blocks, and magnetic tiles. By keeping these items visible and easily accessible, you’ll minimise clutter and make cleanup a breeze. Plus, clear bins come in various sizes, making them versatile for storing a wide range of toys.

Hanging Organizers

Utilise vertical space with hanging organisers to keep toys off the floor and within reach. These organisers come in various designs, including pockets, shelves, and compartments, making them perfect for storing dolls, cars, art supplies, and more.


Bookshelves aren’t just for books! They also make excellent toy organizers, especially when paired with baskets or bins. Choose a sturdy bookshelf with adjustable shelves to accommodate toys of different sizes and shapes.

Magnetic Lunch Boxes

Give magnetic toys a home of their own with metal lunch boxes. These compact containers are perfect for storing magnetic tiles, puzzle pieces, letters, and numbers, keeping them organised and easily accessible for playtime fun

Toy Hammocks

If your home is overrun with stuffed animals, consider investing in a toy hammock. These handy storage solutions hang from the wall or ceiling and provide a cozy spot for stuffed toys to hang out when not in use.

Playmate Bags

Playmate bags are a lifesaver for parents on the move. These versatile bags double as play mats and storage containers, allowing kids to play with their toys anywhere and everywhere.

Storage Benches

Combine seating and storage with storage benches, ottomans, or cubes. These multipurpose pieces of furniture not only provide a comfortable spot to sit but also offer hidden compartments to stash away toys, blankets, or other household items.

With our durable and practical storage solutions, you can finally achieve the organized and tidy space you’ve always dreamed of.

Say Goodbye To Toy Clutter

With these clever storage solutions in place, you’ll wave goodbye to toy clutter and say hello to a beautifully organised and functional living space. Embrace the opportunity to reclaim your home from the chaos of toys and revel in the joy of a clutter-free environment where both kids and adults can flourish!

In wrapping up, remember not to let the toys take over. Recognise that your entire house does not have to be a play space. Set boundaries on where your children can play with their toys, and don’t feel guilty about maintaining adult spaces for adult activities.