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Welcome to Educanda

Educanda is the partner of choice for all formal learning done through Day Cares, ECD Centres, Nurseries, Kindergartens, Pre-schools, Primary Schools, High Schools, Special Needs Schools and parents. Educanda is based in South Africa and operates throughout Southern Africa. 

We continuously consult with Educators, Occupational Therapists and ECD Specialists to provide teaching aids & educational resources that ensure that teaching is relevant, age appropriate, inclusive and across all levels of ability.

All of Educanda's educational resources get delivered directly to you from as little as R199 (R50 shipping insurance) throughout South Africa. Furniture delivery is from as little as R599 (R50 shipping insurance) and all will be delivered right to your doorstep.


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If you need expert advice, Educanda's Team of Occupational Therapist offers custom-made solutions inclusive of products & training that fit your specific needs.  Complete this free advise me form to receive an instant solution! You can also phone 0800 86 96 73 or email to schedule a free telephonic consultation.

CAPS aligned products

Educanda offers a one-stop shop with a wide range of educational products to support you in your daily teaching efforts. We value quality and durability. With the help of our extensive product range, you will be able to teach better, smarter and save time. We follow the official CAPS curriculum and offer key products for all grades in the subjects of Life Skills, Language, Mathematics, Science, Outdoor Play, School Furniture, Stationery, Electronics and much more.

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How to order online?

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Or wait a few seconds for the live support chat to pop up! You can instantly talk to us. And if you are still not sure, call us on 021 556 7965. We will gladly assist you.