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About Educanda Cc


Educanda is the South African supplier for teaching support materials, educational products and school equipment. Customers get our Catalogues and newsletters with new educational material, bestsellers and well known educational products on a regular basis. Furthermore our internet shop is the growing source for customers to purchase our learning material and school supplies online.

Based in Cape Town, we ship our educational products to customers throughout the whole country. This makes it easy and comfortable for teachers, headmasters, educators and parents to buy their needed learning materials. Our customers are schools, as well as organizations and parents who want to help their children to get the best possible education.


To be the partner of choice for all formal learning done through Day Cares, ECD Centres, Nurseries, Pre-Schools, Primary Schools, High schools, Special Needs Schools and parents.

We continuously consult with Educators, Occupational Therapists and ECD Specialists to provide solutions that ensure that teaching is relevant, age appropriate, inclusive and across all levels of ability.

The solution consists of:

  • Real Educational resources for schools, not toys, made for Educators by Educators
  • Training and practical advice on common challenges in the classroom

Mission statement:

  1. To go out of our way to provide excellent service to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our No. 1 goal
  2. To inspire & empower Educators by providing solutions through the best Educational Resources and training on common challenges in the classroom
  3. To be the one stop shop for Educators throughout Southern Africa

-> Hands-on Teaching: giving you the solutions to inspire


  • We honour & respect everyone that is involved in Teaching
  • We value Education as necessary in the lives of the youth of Southern Africa
  • We value honesty and transparency
  • We acknowledge that learning takes place all through life