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Toy Color – Plastic Box 24 Watercolours © 30 mm With Brush


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Necessary for any artist, this watercolour pallet from Toy Color includes all the colours you need to create masterpieces!

What sets this product apart from the rest is that the surface of the colour tablets allows the colours to dry naturally so that the qualities of their ingredients are not altered or compromised. This allows for perfect and continued use over and over again!

The lid of the container has been designed to be used as a pallet whereby you can mix the colours with a brush and a little water, keeping them separate. This allows you to paint more comfortably, not being constrained by the use of additional accessories that reduce the work space, such as palettes or disposable plates.

Great for educational or recreational activities, this product is wonderful for artists young and old!

- Titanium-Free
- Gluten-Free

- 1 x Titanium & Gluten-Free Watercolour Pallet: 24 Colours (tablets measure Ø 30 mm)
- 1 x Paint Brush

Age: 2 Years +
Item size: 13 x 8 x 9 cm

Additional information

Weight 1.972 kg
Dimensions 7.7 × 13.3 × 8.7 cm


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