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Toy Color – Colourbox 6 Bottles Pastel Shades Superwashable Ready Tempera – 500ml


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Prettiness with Pastels!!

The most practical way of creating art with a paint brush is to use ready-mixed paint - so what better than these six 500ml bottles of Superwashable, Titanium-Free, Ready Mix Tempera Paints from Toy Color - in all new Pastel colours!

They are already diluted and are an ideal solution for younger children - they're great for use at home and/or in the classroom. Brightly coloured, yet still pastel, and safe, the mixture won't separate and is perfectly washable from hands and most fabrics.

The soft, perfectly transparent bottles makes it easy to recognize the colours and measure the amount of tempera you want to pour out.

What's more? Toy Color Tempera Paints are Titanium and Gluten-free!

- 6 x 500ml Bottles of Pastel Superwashable, Titanium-Free, Ready Mix Tempera Paint: Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple & Red

Age: 2 Years +
Item size: 23.5 x 16 x 17.7 cm

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Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 16.0 × 23.5 × 17.7 cm


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