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Edu-Toys – Science & Experiment Smell & Taste Kit: 30 Activities

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Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Smell & Taste Kit: 30 ActivitiesEmbark on a Sensory Adventure with the Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Smell & Taste Kit!Are you ready to tantalize your taste buds and explore the world of scents? The Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Smell & Taste Kit is your gateway to a captivating sensory journey into the realms of aroma and flavour. With 30 engaging activities, you can dive into the wonders of smell and taste in an educational and interactive way.The Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Smell & Taste Kit is more than just a kit - it's an invitation to the world of sensory exploration. Whether you aspire to be a sensory scientist, a chef, or simply enjoy unraveling the secrets of smell and taste, this kit equips you with the tools to nurture your curiosity and understanding of the captivating fields of aroma and flavor. Embark on a sensory adventure of exploration and enlightenment!Includes:- 4 x Plastic Test Tubes with Stoppers- 1 x Test Tube Stand- 1 x Conical Glass Flasks (with 1 hole stopper)- 2 x Measuring Cups- 1 x Measuring Spoon- 1 x Dropper- 1 x Tweezers- 1 x Funnel- 1 x Spout Brush- 1 x Safety Goggles- 1 x Eye Mask- 1 x Gelatine (Food Grading)- 1 x Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate- 1 x Instruction ManualAge: 8 Years +Item size: 19 x 25 x 7 cm

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