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How to foster emotional intelligence & reduce anti-social behaviour in your classroom

As a grade R and foundation phase teacher how do you cope with negative behaviour in your classroom that affects the
learning of all your learners? Do you sometimes feel helpless when behaviour learned at home seems to take over the
classroom environment?

How do you foster an environment where your learners can GROW and THRIVE and LEARN happily? And how
much does ‘good behaviour’ fall into the remit of what teachers do? Do you even have time to start focusing on this in class?
If you have asked yourself any of these questions, don't be discouraged.

And right here in South Africa.


  • Cape Town 13. April 2019 -> Normally R1,400 p.p. but extended-Early Bird offer of R1,200.- p.p. applies, valid until Friday 15. March 2019
  • Sandton 11. May 2019 -> Normally R1,400 p.p. but extended-Early Bird offer of R1,200.- p.p. applies, valid until Friday 15. March 2019

Tickets include:

  • 10 CPTD points accreditation through SACE
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Free parking
  • Extensive delegate bag with presentation, hand-outs, free emotional intelligence gifts
  • 3x tea/coffee breaks incl. snacks
  • Lunch incl. 1x soft drink

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The Teachers' Summit in a nutshell...

South African Occupational Therapist, Rachel Carey, will lead the teachers' summit and ensure you walk away with practical strategies to foster emotional intelligence in your learners and improve behaviour and promote learning in your classroom. And that in less than 6 hours. 

This offer is not for every teacher.

It's only for teachers who REALLY want to improve.

It's for teachers who shy away from boring conferences where theory dominates the day.

It's for teachers who dislike an overload of information without a proven track record.

It's for teachers who thrive on best practices and incorporate practical solutions that are easy to implement and benefit themselves and their learners.

Your advantages:

  • Understand normal emotional development and age appropriate behaviour of young children
  • Become familiar with the concept of emotional intelligence and appreciate the role it plays in learning
  • Identify your own areas of emotional strength and development
  • Have command of a set of emotional vocabulary words and to know how to use them effectively with learners
  • Be able to plan a lesson with a focus on emotional development using the resources available in your environment
  • Be able to take on a proactive role when it comes to dealing with discipline issues in your classroom
  • Identify children with specific emotional difficulties and refer on as needed

Meet the speakers


Rachel Carey is a children's Occupational Therapist with more than 10 years of experience in a variety of pediatric contexts.

She has extensive experience in Early Childhood Development in both health and educational settings. She has worked with children who have experienced multiple barriers to learning (incl. brain injury) and as mainstream school therapist. 

She is Educanda's chief training coordinator.          



Shanley Shaefer runs the company Heart Matters, a heart-centered social and emotional learning programme for children from ages 5 to 8 years. It focuses on promoting positive behaviour as well as reducing anti-social behaviour.

Shanley has a passion for working with young children and a special interest in children's social and emotional development.

                                                       Anri Erasmus has been working with children as an Occupational Therapist for the past 18 years. She has a special interest in early development and sensory integration difficulties and has worked with children in special needs and mainstream settings.

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Note that this Summit will be repeated in KZN in the 3rd term. For more details or if you want us to host a summit in your area email