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Your guaranteed-fast-track-to-promotion-in-teaching-offer includes:

-> a full day teacher conference & seminar
-> with eye opening practical teaching tips, easy to implement
-> worth 10 CPTD points that will boost your career instantly

And right here in South Africa.

  • Cape Town 10. March < successfully completed 
  • Port Elizabeth 14. April < successfully completed 
  • Sandton 05. May < successfully completed 
  • Durban 15. September > limited seats available R450.- p.p. for NAPTOSA members / R550.- p.p. for non-members 

To reserve your seat 

South African Occupational Therapist, Rachel Carey, will personally lead the Durban teacher seminar and tackle the real reasons for poor progress in your 2-9 year old learners in terms of sensory overload and visual perception challenges

This offer is not for every teacher.

It's only for teachers who REALLY want to improve.

It's for teachers who shy away from boring conferences where theory dominates the day.

It's for teachers who dislike an overload of information without a proven track record.

It's for teachers who thrive on best practices and incorporate practical solutions that are easy to implement and benefit themselves and their learners.

Your advantages:

  • Discover how to prevent and combat Sensory Overload in the classroom by creating a Sensory Rich Learning environment with very little effort.
  • Walk away with a clear understanding why classroom behaviour could be of unacceptable standard.
  • Empower those learners who display visual perception challenges and those who have unexplained angry outbursts seemingly for no reason.
  • Teach for the 21st Century where the impact of screen time is a reality on sensory systems and visual perception skills of all learners.
  • Prevent behaviour escalating because you can identify your learners at risk of visual perception challenges .
  • Teach your learners the skill of self-regulating during sensory overload.
  • Return to school inspired with strategies that will ensure you get the most out of your learners.
  • Collect 10 CPTD points effortlessly by attending this summit.

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