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TookyToy – Creative Math Sticks


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Explore the concept of length through play with the Creative Math Sticks Set from TookyToy.

Children choose a picture card, pick up a bundle of rods in different lengths and try to re-produce the outline of the image featured on the card.

Not only will patterning and sequencing be improved through play, but children start familiarizing themselves with different lengths and the relation they have to one another in order to complete a picture.

There are various levels of difficulty which allows for strategic, challenging fun!

- 36 x Rods
- 12 x Double-Sided Activity Cards (24 Patterns over 3 Levels of Difficulty)
- Instructions

Age: 3 Years +
Item size: 2.5 x 21 x 22 cm

TookyToy products are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. They meet, and in most cases, exceed the strictest international toy safety standards. "Creativity is intelligence having fun.” - Albert Einstein

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Weight 0.012 kg
Dimensions 21.0 × 2.5 × 22.0 cm


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