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Little Sprouts By Greenbean – Wooden Letter Tiles – Upper & Lower Case – 96pcs in Wooden Box with Cover – Natural Beech Wood


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With the Spelling Game, children become familiar with uppercase and lowercase block letters, first syllables, capital letters and basic grammatical punctuation (full stop, comma, question mark and exclamation mark).

Spelling game is made of solid beech wood. Symbols and letters are burned into the wood.

Through play children get their first experiences with letters which they later can form into words and sentences. Plates with letters and symbols can be placed into groove at the edge of the box or on the table.

The letters and symbols are also burned into the bottom of the storage box. Therefore each letter has its place in the storage box and it is easier for children to put the letters back into the box.

Learning Skills:
- Language skills
- Orientation in space
- Motoric skills
- Personal and social development

- 25 Double-sided Plates with Vowels: Uppercase in One side, Lowercase on the Other Side
- 63 Double-sided Plates with Consonants: Uppercase in One Side, Lowercase on the Other Side
- 8 Grammatical Punctuation
- Packed in a Wooden Storage Box with Letter Compartments and Lid

Age: 3 Years +
Item size: 23 x 33 x 4 cm

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Weight 0.98 kg
Dimensions 33.0 × 22.5 × 4.0 cm


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