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Learning Resources – Math Island Addition & Subtraction


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Can you be the first to escape the lava-filled ruins of Maths Island while playing Math Island! Addition & Subtraction Game from Learning Resources?!

Kids practise counting, addition, and subtraction up to 20 during every fast-paced round of Maths Island! Addition & Subtraction Game, a fun maths game that not only provides entertainment, but that teaches kids at the same time!

Designed for 2-4 players, this adventurous children’s maths game takes intrepid adventurers around the mayhem-filled confines of Maths Island, where they must use their addition and subtraction skills to escape and win.

This smart game for kids comes with fun equation dice that serve up a different maths problem with every roll - solve it, and you’ll reveal how many spaces you move. It’s a fun way to promote number learning for kids.

Watch out for the island’s many hazards, though - you’ll need to escape quicksand, avoid temple guards, navigate the crumbling bridge, and more. The action gets even more intense with the erupting volcano, which sends dice flying and players scrambling to safety. This fun, fast-paced maths board game makes a great addition to educational indoor games for homes and classrooms.

- Game Board
- Volcano Popper
- 4 x Adventurer Characters with Stands
- 2 x Number Dice
- 1 x Equation Dice
- Game Guide
Age:6 Years +
Item size: 25.4 x 25.4 x 6.5 cm

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Dimensions 25.4 × 25.4 × 6.5 cm


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