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Learning Resources – Be Kind Cubes


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Learning Resources Be Kind Cubes
Kindness and conversation are a roll away with this set of 6 colour coded Be Kind Cubes from Learning Resources.

There are 36 prompts in 3 different categories:
1. Kindness
2. Compliments
3. Manners

Each category aims to to get children talking, interacting, and building social emotional learning skills.

These durable soft foam cubes are ready for conversations at home and/or in the classroom, and can be used as a therapy game for children.

Children build healthy social-emotional learning (SEL) skills with every child-friendly prompt and icebreaker found on this set of 6 conversation cubes.

From questions about common social emotional situations ("What would you say or do if someone gave you a gift?", "How would you introduce yourself to a friend your age?") to fill-in-the-blank prompts about interpersonal relationships ("I am glad you are my friend because __.") these cubes offer a fun, interactive way to help kids open up and talk about their feelings.

- 6 x Be Kind Cubes
- 1 x Activity Guide

Age: 5 Years +
Item size: 8.7 x 13 x 4.3 cm

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