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Big Potato Games – The Great American Mail Race Family Board Game


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A light-strategy, family game, The Great American Mail Race Board Game is a bit like Ticket to Ride but instead of just trains, you race to deliver mail across America using planes, trains, steamboats… and even a rocket!

Dash between some of America’s most “unusual” locations (such as Ding Dong Texas and Jackpot Alaska) to deliver as much mail as you can before you run out of Transport Cards.

Choose between 13 different modes of transportation, including steamboats, rockets and the iconic USPS van itself, as you deliver as much mail as possible.

To get your win in the bag it’ll take a combination of careful planning and decisive action, so be prepared to go above and beyond as you bid to become the master of all mail carriers. Remember to stamp your slip whenever you successfully drop off (or steal) a parcel. Probably the only family board game that comes with an official USPS stamp.

- 70 x Delivery Cards
- 50 x Transport Cards
- 15 x Bonus Stamp Tokens
- 4 x Mailboxes
- 5 x Playing Pieces
- 15 x Parcel Cubes
- 1 x Board
- 1 x Delivery Stamp
- 1 x Pad of Delivery Slips

Age: 10 Years +
Item size: 26 x 24 x 6 cm

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Weight 1.06 kg
Dimensions 26.0 × 24.0 × 7.0 cm


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