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Big Potato Games – Sounds Fishy – Family Game – 3-10 Players


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Big Potato Games: Sounds Fishy Family Game

The Ultimate Bluffing Travel Game!

Sounds Fishy from Big Potato Games is a fast-thinking, push-your-luck, bluffing game that's a mix between Balderdash and The Chameleon!

No answers? No problem!
You don't need to know lots of trivia - all you need to do is make something up! Sounds Fishy is a game filled with strange questions and fishy answers. Win points for spotting fake answers invented by other players, but flip over teh real answers too soon and you'll lose all your points.
The real question is: Can you spot the fake answers to the questions?

There are 3 types of players during the Sounds Fishy Game:
- The Guesser: you will be reading out a strange question and trying to eliminate the fake answers that the Red Herrings give you, before you find the real answer!
- Red Herrings: you will be making up a fake answer to the strange question, and trying to convince the Guesser it's the right one!
- True Blue Kipper: You will be saying the right answer to the strange question, but trying to make it sound made-up so that the Guesser picks yours!

Sounds fishy incorporates an element of fun for everyone!
Whether you like being creative, finding out weird facts or being a little bit sneaky, Sounds Fishy is the game for you!

Note: Sounds Fishy Travel has the same questions as the full size game.

- 9 Fish
- 80 Point Tokens
- 200 Questions
- 1 Card Dispenser

Age: 10 Years +
Item size: 24 x 17 x 6 cm
Number of Players: 2 +

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 24.2 × 17.0 × 6.2 cm


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