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Wooden Pattern Blocks

Wooden Pattern Blocks

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Quick Overview

These pattern blocks are versatile and can be use in different learning areas or subjects such as Mathematics, Life Skills and creative arts.

With regards to Mathematics, it can be used for a wide variety of activities such as investigating geometric forms and relationships, develop counting and storing skills. Moreover, the blocks need to be picked up and positioned making it a great tool to improve the learners’ eye-hand coordination (also referred to as fine motor skills or fine coordination). And, finally, since the learners will use creativity in creating the designs it will also mean it can be used for ART- Life Skills/ Creative Performance/Two Dimensional art.
Set contains:

  1. 250 pcs

  2. 6 geometric shapes

  3. 6 different colours

  4. Pattern Blocks made of wood, 1 cm thick

Fun fact: the universal colour-coded shapes make it easier for the learner to see when a pattern is formed and how to repeat it.
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