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Quick-Switch Microscope and Viewer

Quick-Switch Microscope and Viewer

Item: 81935
Quick Switch Microscope and viewer
Turn the quick-switch and choose between the microscope and the viewer.
Using the viewer a couple of children can look at the magnification at the same time.
They discover things in common and talk about their findings. One child can use the
apparatus like a conventional microscope regulating the focus with the screw.
Height of the microscope: 25 cm
Magnification: 150fold, 300fold, 600fold
Material: Plastic
Accessories included:
• Sturdy plastic carry case
• 2 collecting vials (plastic)
• 1 tweezers (plastic)
• 1 scoop (plastic)
• 1 scalpel (plastic)
• 1 pipette (plastic)
• 3 slides (plastic)
• 1 finished preparation on a slide
• cover slips
• short instruction
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