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How to order Online

7 Steps to guaranteed safe and secure online shopping

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the most important icons on the website

This is the "home page"  icon.
Whenever you want and wherever you are on the website, simply click on this icon to be redirected to the home page

This is the "navigation pane" icon
It is located throughout the website and with your cursor you can move to any section of our website

This is the "cart" icon. When you ready to buy, simply click on this icon and you can start adding in your products

This is the "add to cart" icon.
Whenever you locate a product that you wish to purchase, simply click on this icon to ensure it gets added to your (shopping) cart

This is the "continue shopping" icon.
Whenever you have added a product to the cart, and wish to continue shopping, simply click on this icon.

This is the "proceed to checkout" icon.
Whenever you ready to finalize your order, simply click on this order to proceed to delivery and payment details

Step 2:  Browse through the online shop and select the products you wish to purchase.

You can use the search engine by typing in key words such as "counting frame" or "soccer ball".
Or you can use the navigation pane and select the subject (e.g. Mathematics, Life Skills) and Learning Outcome (e.g. data handling, writing) you wish to see products for.
Once you have located a product you are interested in, simply click "View Details" to access all the information on that particular product, namely description, size and price.

Step 3:  Once you have located a product that you wish to purchase, simply click the "add to cart" icon, and the product will automatically be added to   your order

Step 4:  Once you have gathered all the products you want in your shopping cart, simply click on the "proceed to checkout" icon to finalize your online order

Step 5: To finalize your order, you can either register an account with us, or shop as a guest up to 3 times without registering. Choose your preferred method

Step 6: Indicate your preferred delivery method (courier or collection), and ensure to provide a valid physical address when choosing courier

Step 7 : Select your preferred payment method and click on the "finish your order" icon. You have successfully completed your online order.

If you get stuck or are unsure, just call us for free on 0800 86 96 73 and we gladly assist you