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Teacher Training and Development

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Continuous Training and Development plays a key role in any school environment, not only for learners, but...especially for those who are doing the teaching.

As a Teacher you have limited time and a multitude of responsibilities, therefore Educanda has developed SACE accredited workshops to offer you, the Teacher, theoretical and more importantly practical support in the most common teaching challenges across the African continent. 

For a quick snap shot on how the workshops work, the complete accredited range & how many CPTD points you can collect with each, click here !
You can reserve your seat via the registration on page 4 or simply scroll down, pick your preferred topic(s) and reserve your seat online!


How do the workshop work
  • Invite us to your school and gain 25% off on Training and Development
    Your advantages: No need to travel, in-house training in your own school
    Value: Pay as little as 374.99 p.p. and claim up to 15 CPTD points

  • Join the scheduled workshops in Cape Town and Gauteng
    Your advantages: Share your knowledge with colleagues in the field 
    Value: Pay as little as R499.99 p.p. and claim up to 15 CPTD points
    Download the excel schedule here.

  • E-learning
    If you are pressed for time, simply sign up for the online workshops on Visual Perception and Fine Motor Development.
    Your advantages: Minimum effort and Maximum reward. No time pressure. 
    Value: Pay as little as R249 p.p. and claim 5 CPTD points instantly.
    To find out how easy the online workshops are and what they are about, click here.

Who are the workshops for

We offer these workshops to:

  1. Teachers from Pre-school up to Intermediate Phase 
  2. Lecturers and students in Foundation Phase at Universities and Training Institutes in need of practical and hands-on training
  3. Teachers' Unions, who roll out training and development programs for their members, as early as Pre-school all the way up to Intermediate Phase 

What you will gain

Think about why you became a teacher. It wasn't just for targets and test results was it?
It was for something far more important. You wanted to change lives - to make a difference.
To inspire our nation's young learners.

And that is why we are here. To give you the tools to help you make the magic happen.

Through Educanda's workshops you will improve your skills & confidence as a teacher and:

  1. Identify the key developmental milestones in your learners.
  2. Avoid frustration through early identification of learners with developmental delays.
  3. Give accurate information to parents on possible reasons for poor school progress.
  4. Manage classroom behaviour effectively and professionally.
  5. Get the best out of your learners.
  6. Become respected among your peers.
  7. Stand a better chance for promotion.
  8. Be inspired to remain in teaching.

If you need any help, email us on or access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) right here.