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Teacher Training and Development

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What is it all about?

Continuous Training and Development plays a key role in any school environment, not only for learners, but.....especially for those who are doing the teaching.

Educanda has carefully developed 10 workshops in consultation with Teachers, Occupational Therapists and the Ministry of Education to ensure you, as the teacher, are supported throughout the year.

Invite us to your school or join the scheduled workshops in your area.

If you have limited time, secure your online spot now for the  Visual Perception Workshop and / or Fine Motor Development workshop .

We offer these workshops to:

  1. Teachers from Pre-school up to Intermediate Phase 
  2. Lectures and students in Foundation Phase at Universities and Training Institutes in need of practical and hands-on training
  3. Teachers' Unions, who roll out training and development programs for their members, as early as Pre-school all the way up to Intermediate Phase 

What you will gain

Think about why you became a teacher. It wasn't just for targets and test results was it?
It was for something far more important. You wanted to change lives - to make a difference.
To inspire our nation's young learners.

And that is why we are here. To give you the tools to help you make the magic happen.

Through Educanda's workshops you will improve your skills & confidence as a teacher and:

  1. Identify the key developmental milestones in your learners
  2. Avoid frustration through early identification of learners with developmental delays
  3. Give accurate information to parents on possible reasons for poor school progress
  4. Manage classroom behaviour effectively and professionally
  5. Get the best out of your learners
  6. Become respected among your peers
  7. Stand a better chance for promotion
  8. Be inspired to remain in teaching

What others had to say

"The workshop was very informative. The facilitator was able to interact with everyone and gave examples of how to remedy other situations we face at school" 
Veronica Ditlopo, rekgonne Bapo Special School, Gauteng, 02.02.2017

"Found the workshop very helpful, enjoyed it very much. Can relate and also apply what I've learned" 
Allegra Fionne Walters, Ark Educational Centre, East London, 22.02.2017

"Lovely, can actually be even longer, as there are great things/examples of activities that can be picked up" 
Shaakira Mia, Malabar Primary School, Port Elizabeth, 06.03.2017

"I have had the privilege to work with staff at Educanda – and I can testify to their commitment towards the professional development of our educators. Educanda has always been very professional in every way and made available all course information to every workshop: course outline, pre and post tests, evaluation forms, drafts presentations, learning material to be used, as well as the SACE CPTD points value" 
Juliet Schlebusch, Director PDI NAPTOSA, June 2016
How long are the workshops?

Educanda offers 3 hours, 5 hours and full day workshops.

The 3 hours workshops cover theory and allow for a 15 minute question round.
The 5 hours workshops cover 3 hours theory and 2 hours of practical implementation

The full day workshops
cover 3 hours theory, 2 hours of practical implementation, 1 hour of role playing
Your added advantage: you will receive a flash stick 
with the workshop presentation, supplementary notes, recommended starter kit, manual(s) and expert advice on key learning challenges

What does it cost?

The 3 hours workshops are R499.99 including VAT per person, per workshop.
The 5 hours workshops, as a limited offer, are R699.99 including VAT per person, per workshop

The full day workshops are R999.99 including VAT per person, per workshop

What is included in the workshops

  1. R250 discount voucher per school
  2. Delegate folder containing presentation and Catalogue 
  3. Refreshments
  4. Certificate on Completion
  5. The full day workshop includes a flash stick with the workshop presentation, supplementary notes, recommended starter kit, manual(s) and expert advice on key learning challenges

Where do the workshops take place?

Educanda has scheduled workshops in Cape Town, East London, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Gauteng throughout the year.

To print or access the latest schedule click here

Don't worry if you are not located in these area's. Simply have the workshops at your school.

Hosting workshops at your school - Your advantages
  • One free workshop ticket per workshop
  • 10% discount on your next order 
In return, all we need is:
  • Minimum of 10 delegates,  max of 35
  • Suitable venue 
  • 2 workshop bookings to cover the cost of travelling to you

Simply indicate your preferred date on the
registration form.


Our trainers are Occupational Therapists, Teachers and Early Childhood Development Specialists.

To learn more about our trainers, simply click on their name.

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 If online registration is not for you, simply complete the registration process in 3 simple steps

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