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About Educanda cc

Educanda cc:

Educanda is the South African supplier for teaching support materials, educational products and school equipment. Customers get our catalogues and mailings with new educational material, bestsellers and well known educational products on a regular basis. Furthermore our internet shop is the growing source for customers to purchase our learning material and school supplies online.

Based in Cape Town, we ship our educational products to customers throughout the whole country. This makes it easy and comfortable for teachers, headmasters, educators and parents to buy their needed learning materials. Our customers are schools, as well as organizations and parents who want to help their children to get the best possible education.


To be the best partner of pre-primary, primary and secondary schools for delivering the best teaching products and school equipment.

We think as teachers, educators and care-givers so that we are in the position to supply innovative but also proven learning materials.

That means that the customer is in our focus. Customer satisfaction is our No. 1 goal

We offer unique and exclusive school equipment for customers that are searching for products that fit special requirements for extensive lesson training and development.  

Mission statement:

  1. To provide the best items to support children and pupils in their education and intellectual growth.

  2. To help teachers and educators to give the best lessons in school and preschool.

  1. To support children to make the best of their life through quality education.

  1. To give the best service to our customers.

  1. The company aims to be the one stop shop for educators in South Africa for teaching support materials, educational products, school equipment and Early Childhood Development (ECD) products.

Philosophy of the company:


Our customers are teachers, headmasters, educators and care-givers. To provide these people with the best school equipment for their job and the best service is the purpose of our thinking. Our customers and potential customers take the centre stage of our actions to create customer satisfaction.


Our employees are the heart of the company. They do their best and work hard for our success. They are loyal, open minded, motivated and dedicated to the customers needs and the companies™ mission. Educanda CC is a fair and friendly company. We support the employees to be creative, bring in ideas and suggestion to make us better in the business every day.

We support decision making that is compliant with our mission and philosophy. The culture of error is lived in a positive way. It provides safety to our employees. That means making an error is okay, it should not happen a second time.

Products & Service:

The quality of our products is the best in the market. So is our customer service. We choose South African companies as business partners wherever possible. That means especially suppliers for trading goods, printers, mail shops, shipping companies and administrative business partners.

Company values:


We trust our customers, employees and suppliers. Necessary controls will be made to approve this trust.


Educanda is a reliable company. Customers can rely on our information, employees can rely on our loyalty and solidarity and suppliers can rely on our business partnership.


We do everything on a honest base. That is especially important as our customers often do not see us personally.


We are a fair company. We support our customers as much as we can and we also support our employees as much as we can. We also expect to be treated fair by our customers, suppliers and employees.


Creativity is important for the success of the company. We are creative in terms of marketing but also in terms of problem solving and business strategy.


Educanda has the courage to enter new markets and new business opportunities. We are enthusiastic but we also consider new ideas and options before acting.


Educanda feels responsibility for its customers and their needs. We want the teachers, care-givers, educators and children to highly benefit from our products.

Open minded:

We are open minded. That means we are eager to get new ideas and solutions as well as to achieve improvements.


We enjoy our work and the contact to our customers and suppliers. We also enjoy life and we make sure that the work life balance for our employees is well balanced.

Vision, Mission, Values and Philosophy are summarized in these words:

"Inspiration in Education"