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While you were Teaching...

This blog is intended for Teachers across South Africa and the rest of the African content, to remain inspired to stay in Teaching. 

You work hard, under difficult circumstances, and not always gain the appreciation you deserve. 
It comes with huge responsibility, is non-stop and often chaotic.

Take a moment to remember why you became a teacher in the first place. 
It wasn't just for targets and test results was it?
It was for something far more important. You wanted to change lives - to make a difference.
To inspire young learners. To guide them on the road to adulthood. To see them grow, experience and discover the many wonders of life!

And that is why we this blog is here. To give you the tools to help you make the magic happen. Read, share and above all, appreciate what you do on a daily basis! 


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Give up or give in?

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Every year around this time, I get the urge to retire.  To just stop the bus and get off. Do I give up or rather give in?
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Do you avoid creativity in your classroom?

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Creativity in the classroom: a topic usually left to artists and musicians, dramatists and writers. A subject which, in many ways, I feel ill qualified to write about. One which most of us feel is within the remit of somebody else; somebody more specialised. So why have I chosen to write about it today? Precisely because as long as we all feel this way, it is a part of our teaching and practice which we will avoid and neglect. And this will be to the detriment of our students. 

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How do YOU cope with language barriers?

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Experiencing language barriers in the classroom is like trying to climb an enormous, unknown mountain. You, as the teacher, are on the one side of the unchartered landmass, equipped with a map of hieroglyphics and a backpack filled with unknown tools. Your second language learner is somewhere on the other side of the mountain, sometimes sending out smoke signals to you. At times, he is calling your name, and often remaining silent, wandering off alone, making the challenge of finding him even more insurmountable.

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Brain boosters: how to stimulate Visual Memory in your learners

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Visual memory is a feature of our visual perception skills and allows a child to recall the characteristics of an object or form. It involves both visual and cognitive functions and enables children to identify and remember shapes, letters, words, and patterns. Children with visual memory difficulties may present with language and literacy problems as they struggle to remember the correct orientation of letters, to learn sight words, or adequately comprehend the meaning of written pieces.

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Let's start early: promoting Maths, Science & Technology from birth

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Part of me is rather astounded that it has to be asked:  “How do we get our very young learners interested in science, maths and technology?” But let's get real, interest and creativity around finding answers can be stunted, stopped and frowned upon.  It is actually possible to 'kill' the natural curiosity of a baby by scolding and preventing them from finding out about science, maths and technology.  So the answer is not so much how do we get them interested, but rather how should we prevent young learners' natural curiosity from dying?  What should we NOT DO to keep them interested?

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