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Educanda Premium Chalk

I will continue to teach with a piece of chalk. You?

Perhaps this seems obvious to some, but some schools have abandoned the chalkboard and the use of chalk.
Although I welcome interactive methods, such as smartboards and tablets, the reality is that not all schools can afford these. 
And on top of that, more and more studies are confirming the benefits of teaching with chalk. 

My statement to you: Save Money instantly up to R13,001
Schools are under pretty immense budgetary constraints these days.
You want to buy chalk that ensures you get more out of each single piece, every time!
And this is exactly where you'll reap the benefits.
One single piece of Educanda's Premium Chalk weighs 10 grams, whereas regular chalk averages out between 3 grams only.
This means Educanda's Premium Chalk lasts 3 times longer
One box of 100 pieces of Premium White Chalk weighs 1 kg and lasts as long as 3 boxes of regular chalk.
My guarantee to you: The best Chalk in the country
Educanda's Premium chalk is not like any other chalk you have ever used. It's by far, the best chalk I've ever used. 
It's a bold statement to make; I get that, but let me describe it to you in detail why it is.

Less dust
Educanda's Premium Chalk has very little dust. The particles are heavier. 
In other words...No mess. No dust.

Easy to write with - for hours
This Premium Chalk is slightly larger, harder and heaver. 
Which ensures it does exactly what it is supposed to do, namely easy writing - for hours on end 

Low noise writing - no scratching
With Educanda's Premium Chalk there is no scratching sound whatsoever and very low noise when writing

Very solid - less breaking
This Premium Chalk range is very difficult to break. It's solid and weighs more than 3x times as much as any other chalk. 
Solid chalk means less breakage and less interruption for you.

Easy to wipe off
Apart from easy writing, this chalk is very easy to wipe off. 
It allows for quick changes, and you can adjust or correct anything in a matter of seconds!

Great Grip
In addition, this chalk feels really good between your fingers. 
You can hold it at any angle and it does not slip easily out of your fingers, whereas regular chalk just slips out of your hand due to the lightness.

Shiny colours
Last, but not least, the Premium Chalk range of Educanda consists of shiny colours. 
The Premium White Chalk is shiny and not a dull white like regular chalk. 
The Multi-Coloured chalk consists of bright and shiny colours that will brighten not only your day but also your learners' day.
Does that sound good to you?
If yes, here's what I want you to do next ...

Take advantage of the SPECIAL and save over 50%

As a limited offer - you will now only pay R25.- (previously R49.99.-) for a box of 100 pieces of Premium White Chalk and R4.99 (previously R9.99) for a box of 12 pieces of Premium Multi-Coloured chalk. 
That is a saving of over 50%.
Just scroll down and select your product(s) of choice and add to cart.
I will make sure you receive an invoice for payment. 
Did you know that if you pay before delivery, you gain another 1.5% discount on your total order?
By the way we are the only company that offers you such a great deal when it comes to paying.

Money back guarantee: 90 day test period
More importantly we offer a guaranteed 90 day test period.
So if you are not happy with the chalk, simply return it and we will refund you, no questions asked.
Order today,  while this is still fresh on your mind. 
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