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Recommended Layout for your Grade R Classroom

The key to any learning is a stimulating environment that enables spontaneous and real knowledge sharing.The Department of Education has drawn up a recommended Classroom layout for all Grade R's.The layout is there to offer guidance to you, the teacher. Remember there is always room for your own personal touch. Get creative and inspired!

A few tips:


  • Lay out interest areas to provide activities such as block play, art and writing activities, pretend play and reading activities
  • Provide space for transition activities such as greeting time, story time and snack time
  • Make visual borders to separate the areas by using low shelves, chairs, mats or carpets, rope or low homemade cardboard   screens that children can see over and be seen
  • Allow enough space in each area for a small group of children to play comfortably. Make signs indicating how many children can play in one area at a time (a picture of three children, a hand with three fingers help up, etc.)
  • Allow space a children's eye level to display their own drawings, paintings or any other work. Provide a space on a small table or low shelf to display children's own models.Constantly change and adapt these spaces throughout the year
  • Have a display or interest table near the carpet area. This table can display the theme for the week, or a new skills to be learned. Sometimes the table can be a "touch and learn" table and other times it can be a "look only" table. All items on the table should be labelled
  • Allocate a space in the classroom for children to store their personal belongings. A great way to do this, is to make use of a Pigeon Hole Divider, with labels with the child's name or symbol.


Download your PDF Grade R Classroom Layout here

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