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Grade R - the start of all future learning...

Grade R, comes at a very important developmental stage of your learners.

As a Teacher, you are at the forefront of your learners' physical, social, cognitive and personal development.

To ensure you are equipped with the best resources for your Grade R learners, simply access the recommended resources below.

If you want to find out how you can save at least 30 minutes every day when teaching, simply attend the Holistic Teaching in Grade R Workshop or email us on to book this workshop at your school.

Your advantages:

  1. Learn to avoid the trap of pleasing the parents by sending home “beautiful” paintings.

  2. Gain understanding of the importance of allowing your learners to use trial and error as a way of finding out for themselves.

  3. Teach your learners lessons for life - not the activities as suggested in the curriculum only.

  4. Make a difference to the way your learners experience challenges!