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Fine Motor Development

In this workshop, the building blocks necessary for fine motor development will be discussed.

Explore how to identify learners who might experience difficulty with fine motor coordination skills in the classroom.

Practical activity, ideas and strategies will be given to you on how to enhance each step of this area of development in the classroom.

Development of fine motor skills can be linked to the construction of a house (Bruni, 2006)

First comes the foundations. This supports al the levels above it. Foundations for the fine motor house are:

  • Stability (Postural, Shoulder, Forearm & wrist)
  • Bilateral Coordination and crossing the midline
  • Sensation & sensory processing

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Practical tips:

  • For wrist extension, use the Hammer & Nail Set to ensure vertical position, weight bearing and hammering
  • For Bilateral coordination, use the Dressing Frames and Holder. This unique product ensures strong Bilateral development through buttons, zips and lacing. All with the usage of only one product.
  • Help develop scissor skills through Number Pegboards and Square Mosaic by focusing on finger & thumb isolation and squeezing activities

These products will ensure to provide you with practical guidelines when overcoming Fine Motor Development challenges.

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