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Teacher Training and Development

No degree in Education could have prepared you for the current realities in Education:

Large classrooms, hungry learners and multilingual language acquisition. 

In most cases you'll be looking for teacher training that:

  • equips you with practical classroom management skills to be an effective teacher
  • has little impact on your busy schedule yet offers maximum rewards 
  • can be given at your school, to rule out travelling time and costs 
  • takes little time to organize 

What if I told you that you can achieve all of this with the push of a button?

And at an affordable price?

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Simply complete page 4 and return it to and receive 3 comparative quotes for submittal to your principal / school / governing body. 

HOW do the workshops WORK

  • Invite us to your school and gain 25% off on Training and Development
    Your advantages: No need to travel, in-house training in your own school
    Value: Pay as little as R375.- p.p. and claim up to 15 CPTD points
    For more info click here

  • E-learning
    If you are pressed for time, sign up for online learning through Educanda's webinars
    Your advantages: Minimum effort and Maximum reward. No time pressure. 
    Value: Pay as little as R250.- per online series and claim 5 CPTD points instantly.
    Find out how easy it is to register and what topics are available by clicking here

WHO are the workshops FOR

  1. Teachers from Pre-school up to Intermediate Phase 
  2. Lecturers and students in Foundation Phase at Universities and Training Institutes in need of practical and hands-on training
  3. Teachers' Unions, who roll out training and development programs for their members, as early as Pre-school all the way up to Intermediate Phase 


Think about why you became a teacher. It wasn't just for targets and test results was it?
It was for something far more important. You wanted to change lives - to make a difference.
To inspire our nation's young learners.

And that is why we are here. To give you the tools to help you make the magic happen.

When you prioritize your professional & personal training and development, you will reap the following benefits:

  1. Equip yourself with the necessary skills and tools to excel at teaching
  2. Discover new methods that will limit your work load and save you time
  3. Experience teaching with a new vigor that will equip you to manage your classroom & parents more effectively 
  4. Easily collect your CPTD points, since all workshops are CPTD accredited 
  5. Gain inspiration on new teaching methods 
  6. Receive expert advice and experience the best trainers for teachers in South Africa 
  7. Assurance that you are getting the right and latest information
  8. Increase your confidence in teaching 
  9. Receive Educanda's leading certification in education

If you need any help, call 0800 86 96 73 for free, email or access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) right here.